Security and Counterterrorism


This research area encompasses studies of all efforts to prevent, detect, and counter the threats posed by terrorists and violent extremists, ranging from the hardening of targets, surveillance, technological innovations, and the investigation of terrorist financing, to developments in policy, law, and international relations.

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Working Paper Title 2020
Domestic Jihadist Threat to Australia and Canada 2000-2020: An Overview

Working Paper 2018 Title
Forensic Psychiatry and the Extremist: A Review of the Recent Violence Risk Assessment Tools for Offenders Convicted of Terrorism Offences

Working Paper Title 2019

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From nascent insurrections to full-blown insurgencies: Why some militant groups engage in sustained armed conflicts, a quantitative approach

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Analysis of Low-Tech Terrorism in Western Democracies: Attacks with Vehicles, Blades and Incendiary Devices

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Reporting Suspicion in Canada: Insights from the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing

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The Experience of Canadian Muslim Civil-society Organization and Activists in Influencing and Shaping Counter-terrorism Legislation and Policy

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Broadening our Understanding of Anti-Authority Movements in Canada

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Trying to Talk to Terrorists: Ethical and Methodological Challenges in Canada

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Research into How Resources are Acquired, Moved and Used to Support Acts of Terrorism

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Analyzing the formal and informal roles of women in security and justice in Yemen: Reflections for future considerations

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Bridging the National Security Accountability Gap: A Three-Part System to Modernize Canada’s Inadequate Review of National Security

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Taking Hoaxes Seriously: Characteristics of Terrorism Hoaxes and their Perpetrators

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Policies and Responsibilities for Governing Violent Extremism at Ontario Universities

Working Paper 2015 Title
Traits de personnalité et terrorisme

Working Paper 2015 Title
Personality Traits and Terrorism

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Terrorist Babble and the Limits of the Law: Assessing a Prospective Canadian Terrorism Glorification Offence

Working Paper 2015 Title
The Global Fight Against Terror: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Counter-terrorism Governance

Working Paper 2014 Title
A Systematic Approach to Develop a Computational Framework for Counter-terrorism and Public Safety

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