Véronique Laprise

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Véronique Laprise is a PhD student in the Centre d’Étude du Religieux Contemporain at the University of Sherbrooke.

She is a former Canadian Forces Officer, and worked in finances and security within governmental organisations related to security intelligence and emergency management (both in Canada and international). As a security adviser, she had the chance to work in unique environments and develop a network of highly qualified professionals working at the front-line in the security of our country on a daily basis.

As a young officer at the Royal Military College of Canada, Véronique came to work and study on issues related to counter-terrorism and radicalism (public safety policies, prevention, intelligence, etc). However, she felt that her geopolitical and MBA perspectives were missing the religious sense of what is a “spiritual war” for certain or an international crisis for others. Her background in security and defense has inspired her to elevate her knowledge to a further level, by completing a PhD in Contemporary Religious Studies.

Her research focuses on radicalism and pluralism management in the Canadian Government.

After completing her PhD, she hopes to return to working in the Canadian Government or as a university researcher. In both cases, she wishes to have the opportunity to educate professionals on having religious comprehensive skills for working on security issues in order to facilitate their operations when facing multicultural context or extremist threats.

Picture of Véronique Laprise
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