Maxime Bérubé

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Maxime Bérubé is a PhD student in Criminology at Université de Montréal.
He is interested in criminology, political violence and cybersecurity. More specifically, his research interests are focused on terrorism, violent radicalization, criminal innovation and the deviant use of technology. He is also a Graduate student member of the Smart Cybersecurity Network (SERENE-RISC). Beforehand, he has made a research internship at the Canada Research Chair on Conflicts and Terrorism of Université Laval, and completed a Certificate in Arabic Studies at Université de Montréal. Accordingly, his current research aims to better understand the persuasive strategies of jihadist propaganda producers, and he also works on various projects related to Canadian oppositional movements.

Previously, he has completed a Masters in Criminology and a Bachelors in Security and policing studies. His master’s thesis was examining the marginal environment of civilian military simulation in the Province of Quebec.


Understanding the diversity of Jihadi Rhetoric: Who says what, and how?
Published in 2018 • TSAS WP18-01
Maxime Bérubé

Picture of Maxime Bérubé
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