Leah West

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Leah West is completing her LLM at the University of Ottawa Spring 2018. In the fall of 2018 she will continue her studies at the University of Toronto where she will pursue an SJD under the supervision of Kent Roach.

Leah West is a Anti-Terrorism Research Fellow under Craig Forcese at Ottawa U. Her work supplemented Professor Forcese’s TSAS research on counter-terrorism and the rule of law. Specifically, she conducted primary research in the United Kingdom on the use of use of security intelligence as evidence in the prosecution of terrorism offences. She will continue to work with Professor Forcese this year as co-author of the second edition of Irwin’s National Security Law textbook.

At U of T West will continue to focus on national security and counter terrorism issues, this time in cyberspace. Her dissertation seeks to resolve whether the Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies in cyber-space, and if so, how it should constrain CSIS’s online threat reduction activities.

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