Nathan Richardson

Non-Academic Affiliate

Nathan Richardson is an experienced professional who remains highly involved in all facets of public safety with a combined 8+ years in law enforcement, community policing, emergency management, counter-terrorism, nuclear security, fire fighting, policy interpretation, research, terrorism education, and government operations knowledge.

He currently works as a Nuclear Security Officer and Fire Fighter at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, with previous experience in law enforcement.

He is currently in the progress of obtaining a Homeland Security and Cybersecurity Specialization with the University of Colorado via Coursera and is a taking an archived course on The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism from Standford University from former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry.

Nathan currently holds the following certifications/education:
The Terror-Crime Nexus & (CBRN) Threats – University of Maryland
Understanding Terrorism and the Terrorist Threat – University of Maryland
Terrorism and Counter Terrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice -Universiteit Leiden
Terrorism – George Brown College
Risk and Threat Assessments – George Brown College
Emergency Management – George Brown College

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