Nathan Richardson

Non-Academic Affiliate

Richardson is an experience professional who remains highly involved in all facets of public safety with a combined 8+ years in law enforcement, community development, policy interpretation, producing classified documents, research, terrorism prevention, terrorism education and government operations knowledge.
He currently works as a Nuclear Fire Fighter and Nuclear Security officer at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories at Canada’s first decommissioning nuclear site. Our emergency operations is a combined dual service requirement from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, as we provide an armed response capability in accordance with the site security plan to various threat types, perform searches of all persons, and respond to various fire sand medical emergency situations. I think regards, a strong knowledge and adherence to applicable statues, policies and procedures regarding out unity facility are followed.

He currently holds the following certifications/education:
-The Terror-Crime Nexus & (CBRN) Threats – University of Maryland
Understanding Terrorism and the Terrorist Threat – University of Maryland
Terrorism and Counter Terrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice- Universiteit Leiden
Terrorism – George Brown College
Emergency Management – George Brown College (in Progress)

TSAS Affiliate
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