Alan McGreevy

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

As an instructor in Biology at the University of Winnipeg, McGreevy’s courses have included biosafety, biosecurity and bioterrorism, epidemiology and public health risks, and ethical dilemmas around emerging health science technologies. Alan is pursuing a Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, studying neurotropic enteroviruses at the National Microbiology Laboratory. He is also participating in an International Infectious Diseases and Global Health training program that emphasizes multidisciplinary approaches with collaborating universities around the world to discuss health concerns and public policy including outbreak investigation and resource mobilization.

After his undergraduate degrees, McGreevy was a research technician at the Royal Military College, focusing on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear preparedness for first responders and toxic industrial chemicals with the potential to be used in a terrorist attack. He completed a M.Sc. in Medical Microbiology studying Rift Valley Fever Virus. Working in a high containment facility gave him first-hand experience with the realities of best practices and safeguards.

McGreevy spoke at Public Safety Canada’s Counter-proliferation Dialogue academic roundtable and will be presenting at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Justice Studies conference in May, 2019, on practical and ethical considerations around dual-use life science research. Over the next few years he plans to continue developing teaching modules and public lectures on biosafety, biosecurity and ethical dilemmas. He will continue to focus on the intersection of dual-use research, security policy and responses to terrorist acts. He looks forward to collaboration opportunities with members of the TSAS network to combine new perspectives with my science background.

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