Bob Kapur

Non-Academic Affiliate

Bob Kapur is a Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing practitioner with nearly 20 years experience(as the former Deputy CAMLO at CIBC and now a banking consultant), he sees the need for a concerted effort by banks and other financial services entities to understand the roots of terrorism in order to effectively combat it through our AML/ATF measures.
Often, the focus of the banks – and regulators – leans heavily to anti-money laundering measures, and anti-terrorism can be considered as a mere “add-on”.
Through TSAS, he would like to be part of the active thought leadership on terrorism / terrorist financing-related matters. This will allow him to use his influence in the financial services sector – including as part of joint public-private leadership committees – to inform the counter-terrorist financing strategies employed by banks and other financial services.

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