Mohammed Rizwan

Non-Academic Affiliate

Mohammed Rizwan has been a journalist, researcher and a news and policy analyst for the last 25 years. His professional skills and experience can broadly be categorized as follows: Reporting and analysis: ​As a journalist, he covered terrorism, extremism, politics and geo-politics for 23 years for English language dailies of Pakistan, Dubai, UK and the US. The work included routine reporting and analytical pieces as well.
Currently, he is working for Toronto-based Pragmora Institute, a think-tank, as Fellow on South Asia. He has been a regular contributor of political analyses for Canadian Thinkers Forum web site​. Also wrote for various Indian news publications on politics of South Asia. Research project management​: He has valuable experience in working with leading international research organizations like Washington based Global Integrity and UK based Transparency International. He has carried out projects for them as their lead researcher on a range of questions that included corruption in Pakistan army and use of social media and internet in Pakistani youth.

Twitter: @pragmora



TSAS Affiliate
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