Canadian network for research on terrorism, security and society

Canadian network for research on terrorism, security and society

our three primary objectives


To foster communication and collaboration between academic researchers in multiple disciplines


To facilitate the interaction and collaboration of researchers and policy officials


To help cultivate a new and larger generation of scholars interested in these fields of study

most recent Working Papers

Forensic Psychiatry and the Extremist: A Review of the Recent Violence Risk Assessment Tools for Offenders Convicted of Terrorism Offences

Opining on the concept of dangerousness, Michel Foucault once characterized psychiatry as an endeavor that attempts “to rationalize the confused where madness and crime mix”. ...

Kidnapping for Ransom: An Analysis of Canadian Cases

Since 2001, thirty Canadian nationals have been kidnapped and held for ransom by terrorist groups while traveling or working abroad. This paper explores two questions ...

How “Alone” are Lone-Actors? Exploring the Ideological, Signaling, and Support Networks of Lone-Actor Terrorists

The threat of lone-actor terrorism poses a unique challenge to security practitioners tasked with detecting, identifying, and preventing acts of ideologically and politically-motivated violence. Conventional ...

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