Counterterrorism Resilience: Expert Roundtables on Canadian National Security and Countering Violent Extremism


Shannon Nash
Nermeen Zia Islam,
Anaïs El Amraoui, and
Mostafa Elsharkawy

Conducted expert roundtable discussions in fall 2022 focused on the intersecting themes of 1) extremism, violence and ideology: the complexity and evolution of Ideologically Motivated Extremism (IMVE) in Canada, 2) online tools: violent extremist and terrorist use of the internet, disinformation, and online platforms and 3) an evolving landscape: addressing violent extremism and countering terrorist threats in Canada.
Discussions engaged with the importance of understanding the concepts of extremism, ideology, violence, threats, and online harms (among others), the profound complexity in how these are understood, and the impact on counterterrorism and P/CVE efforts online and offline.
The roundtables underscored the value and richness of conversations between academics from across disciplines and individuals from various government departments and participants emphasized the need for more dialogue across sectors and stakeholders to increase collaboration and discussion of urgent and emerging issues and trends with a whole-of-government and wholeof-society approach.

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Research Area(s):

Security and Counterterrorism

TSAS RB 2023-07

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