TSAS is dedicated to providing Canadians, and others, with expert information and comment on events, policies, and practices related to incidents of terrorism and violent extremism, and the efforts to prevent and counter terrorism and violent extremism. Media representatives are encouraged to search the database of nearly 300 TSAS Research Affiliates to secure information on individuals who may be able to assist them. The expertise of these affiliates is diverse and wide-ranging, covering many topics related to our five primary research areas: Terrorism and Violent Extremism, Radicalization, Security and Counter-Terrorism, Countering Violent Extremism, and Societal Impact and Consequences.


Intrepid Podcast - Stephanie Carvin and Craig Forcese discussing and debating Canadian
national security law and politics

Borealis Threat & Risk Consulting  - Podcast "An Intelligent Look at Terrorism"  with Phil Gurski

August 2018 - Lorne Dawson on the Talking Terror podcast


November 23, 2017 - TSAS Affiliates Phil Gurski and Lorne Dawson weigh in on the number of foreign fighters who have returned to Canada, and how best to deal with them

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