Steven MacLean

Non-Academic Affiliate

As a senior public safety professional at Simon Fraser University Steven MacLean is passionate about sustaining safe and secure learning, working and living environments for campus communities. In the 21st century, the nature of campus public safety has evolved well beyond simple crime prevention patrols and parking enforcement. Issues of national security as it relates to the post-secondary environment are a growing priority for education institutions across North America and the world. Simon Fraser University Campus Public Safety is developing close relationships with law enforcement at all levels to address risks related to national security.

On a personal level, Steven has been involved in public safety for the last twenty-nine years, including employment in law enforcement at the federal and provincial levels. He has received extensive training in security including courses facilitated through the US Department of Homeland Security, and received a Master of Arts degree in Disaster & Emergency Management. He sees a close relationship between disaster management and issues of terrorism, security and society.

Picture of Steven MacLean
TSAS Affiliate
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