Christopher O’Connor

Senior Research Affiliate

Christopher O’Connor’s is an Assistant Professor Criminology, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, University of Ontario Institute of Technology. He has a PHD in Sociology from University of Calgary.

Christopher’s research thus far has encompassed three key areas: policing, youth, and the social impacts of oil and gas. Increasingly, his research areas are beginning to intersect with terrorism related issues. For example, he is currently working with a police department to develop methods to measure whether their countering violent extremism (CVE) program is effective. More specifically, he is advising the Department on ways to measure and enhance police-community collaboration. Christopher also plans to expand his oil and gas research to examine the vulnerabilities of Canada’s energy infrastructure to terrorist attack. Finally, Christopher is supervising and sitting on committees of graduate students conducting research on deradicalization, police interview and investigation, and the potential risk terrorists pose to large public gatherings in Canada.

Picture of Christopher O'Connor
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