Richard Parent

Senior Research Affiliate

Dr. Richard Parent is a retired Associate Professor, Police Studies, School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Prior to his university career, Rick completed 30 years of service as a sworn police officer in the Vancouver area with the Delta Police Department. He is also a senior researcher for the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS) and a consultant for the United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC in the development of anti-terrorism policies and procedures for police personnel in global conflict zones. Rick’s research and publications pertain to law enforcement topics that include terrorism, extremism, police ethics, community policing and, the police use of deadly force including the phenomena of “suicide by cop”.

Countering Radiclization of Diaspora Communities in Canada. with James O. Ellis.
Metropolis British Columbia: Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Diversity.



The Future of Right-Wing Terrorism in Canada
Published in 2016 • TSAS WP16-12
James O. Ellis and Richard Parent

Right-wing Extremism in Canada
Published in 2014 • TSAS WP14-03
James O. Ellis and Richard Parent

Picture of Richard Parent


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