Niyazi Ekici

Senior Research Affiliate

Dr. Ekici earned a B.A. in Security Studies, an M.A. in Political History, an M.A. in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. from Rutgers University, School of Criminal Justice. He has an 18 years policing experience at different ranks and policing units including crime investigation, terrorism, police training and background investigations.
Dr. Ekici lectures about theories of crime, community policing, contemporary policing methods, public and private security, terrorism, theories in sociology, statistics (intermediate and advanced), and research methods at intermediate and advanced levels.
Dr. Ekici authored books, authored / co-authored international peer reviewed journal articles (majority of them are empirical research using large data from agencies, interviews, and field observations), national peer reviewed journal articles (some of his research were granted by national agencies and replicated nationwide. i.e. community policing interventions), and book chapters. He is in the review/editorial board of many scientific journals in the field of Criminal Justice.

Ekici Niyazi


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