Julianna Mitchell

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

Julianna Mitchell is a Master’s student in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Under the supervision of Dr. Garth Davies, her thesis work examines national security and counter-terrorism policy strategies. Through her MA thesis, Julianna aims to uncover how a range of government counter-terrorism tactics impact extremist behaviours and the effectiveness of these tactics in reducing terrorism.

Over the course of her Master’s degree, Julianna has also worked on Public Safety funded projects, investigating the content of the Darkweb and resilience among Somali youth and refugees in Canada. During her work on the Darkweb project, she had the opportunity to utilize and test the sophisticated data-gathering tools designed by the ICCRC. While completing her Master’s studies, she also works as a Research Analyst for the Office of the Chief Judge.

Picture of Julianna Mitchell
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