Tempitope Olodo

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Tempitope Olodo is a Preventive Terrorism Consultant, Author and President of Africa Security Forum (UK) which is a membership based not-for-profit organisation working on global security from an Africa perspective. Olodo worked in the British Civil Service in a variety of security-related roles including Assistant Director in UK Border Agency and Senior Manager in the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) responsible for managing UK Prevent Strategy. He was also a former Special Police Constable with Kent Constabulary Police participating in Kent policing strategy.

Recently, he is a counter terrorism consultant offering security solutions to private, corporate and government; with active involvement in development of de-radicalisation programme at grassroot level in the UK. As President of Africa Security Forum, he speak regularly on different platform as invited guest on CVE and on TV. He would like to foster strategic partnership with TSAS on communication and enhance collaboration on strategic partnership to facilitate the interaction and collaboration of researchers and policy officials.

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