Research into How Resources are Acquired, Moved and Used to Support Acts of Terrorism


Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick J. O’Halloran, Ali Dizboni,
Christian Leuprecht David Adelstein, Alexandra Green, and Mathew Porges

The study was directed to answer six questions on terrorist resourcing in Canada through a comparative analysis that identified: resourcing activities; actors involved; interconnections of activities; importance of different forms; implications of the activities; means of response; and, the relative value of conducting analysis through the Terrorist Resourcing Model (TRM) lens.

The Canadian approach to counter-terrorist financing is largely premised on the money laundering model. This is contested. An alternative approach is John Schmidt’s Terrorist Resourcing Model (TRM) that takes a broader view of terrorist resourcing. Its application in this study advances the state of knowledge about resourcing activities in or with connections to Canada and counter-resourcing strategies.

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Research Area(s):

Security and Counterterrorism

TSAS WP16-10

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