Reem Zaia

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For the past two years, Reem Zaia has dedicated her legal scholarship to terrorism and national security-related studies in Canada. For example, as a former LL.M. student at the University of Toronto, she drafted a thesis on the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act under the supervision of Dr. Kent Roach. For the most part, she studied anti-terrorism legislation in Canada, its application in the courtroom, and the constitutionality of information-exchange in Canada. Today, a great deal of her scholarship focuses on the history of terrorism prosecutions in Canada, counter-radicalization methodologies and the rehabilitation of inmates convicted for terrorism offences.

Outside of academia, and as a fellow of the Philippe Kirsch Institute (PKI), Zaia has fostered interdisciplinary dialogue on counter-extremism in Canada and abroad by hosting a specialized conference in Toronto for experts and students in the field. She continues to work with the PKI on a pro bono basis as a fellow.

In the future, two of her long-term writing projects will focus on interdisciplinary approaches to understanding radicalization and the Toronto-18. Reem plans to continue developing scholarship in the areas above, contribute to academic conferences and eventually to legislative development as a witness at Parliamentary Committees. The TSAS network is the perfect forum for me to foster these interests while bridging the gap between her scholarship and the policy sector.


Forensic Psychiatry and Risk Assessment
Published in 2018 • TSAS WP18-04
Reem Zaia

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