Brianna Puigmarti

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

Throughout her academic career Brianna Puigmarti’s research interests have been in security theory and ontology, particularly as it relates to international relations. This has allowed her to explore case studies of terrorism in Syria, theories in critical security, as well as research on the sudden increase in far-right
extremist groups. While catering her courses to these interests, she has also developed an interest in environmental security and climate change, which has shifted my focus from international to Canadian security policy. While working with an NGO, she had the opportunity to look at environmental policy
in Ontario, including the Hamilton Harbour RAP.
Pugimarti’s research interests in security, as well as her minor in psychology have gradually progressed into interest in Canada’s counter-terrorism policy. Research in the radicalization of the far-right, as well as rehabilitating returning foreign fighters are both areas that allow me to incorporate my knowledge in
psychology, as well as political theory. Her plan is to continue her research in an academic capacity, as well as get involved directly in policy work with either Public Safety or the DND.
Her career goals will hopefully inform future legislation, and assess current counter-terrorism programs and Canada’s critical infrastructure resiliency.

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