Michael Mitchell

Senior Research Affiliate

Michael Mitchell, OMM, CD, MA is an Associate Faculty member of the School of Humanitarian Studies at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.

Mitchell served as an Infantry officer with the Canadian Armed Forces for 18 years. His areas of military expertise encompassed Combat Arms, Combat Intelligence, Counter-Insurgency, Aid to the Civil Power, as well as Public Affairs.

His most recent peer-reviewed paper, entitled Radicalization in British Columbia Secondary Schools: The Principals’ Perspective, was published in 2016 in the Journal for Deradicalization. It can be accessed at http://journals.sfu.ca/jd/index.php/jd/article/view/46

Recent policy reports and articles related to Middle East conflict have also been published in the journals of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, and the Royal Canadian Military Institute.

Mitchell is the author of DUCIMUS – The Regiments of the Canadian Infantry, a 248-page overview of the military regiments that constitute the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps. ISBN 0-9696421-0-5

Areas of interest for further research and analysis include:

  • National Security and Public Safety
  • Applying Comprehensive Approach (CA) and Whole of Government (WoG) strategies to conflict analysis and management at national, regional and community levels in Canada
  • Military Affairs
  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism
  • Radicalization, Counter-radicalization, and Deradicalization
  • Civil-Military Relations
  • Arctic Sovereignty

Picture of Michael Mitchell
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