Muna Osman

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

As a Master’s candidate Muna is specializing in intelligence, she is interested in radicalization, counterterrorism, the role of the public, and terror groups’ organizational structures. She has taken courses in intelligence and international affairs, counterterrorism, and disarmament; the latter two of which were instructed by Dr. Jeremy Littlewood.

Muna has previous work experience at the Economic and Political Intelligence Centre involved researching indicators of political violence incidence particularly in the MENA region prior to the Arab Spring. She has also written policy briefs on issues ranging from chemical weapons, to tacit knowledge and biological weapons, to when states should negotiate with terrorist groups which cover the interrelations between terrorism, security, and society.


Kidnapping for Ransom: An Analysis of Canadian Cases
Published in 2018 • TSAS WP18-03
Muna Osman and Josiah Witherspoon

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