Derek Silva

Senior Research Affiliate

Derek Silva is an Assistant Professor of Criminology at King’s University College. His work is situated at the nexus of sociological and criminological approaches to radicalization, counter-radicalization, and policing. Dr. Silva is particularly interested in how radicalization has emerged as a dominant conceptual framework for understanding terrorism and how this influences the development of counter-terrorism policing initiatives in Canada and elsewhere. While Dr. Silva’s work has typically taken a broadly critical approach to state policy regarding counter-radicalization, his current and future research explores the interconnectivities between knowledge generation about terrorism, public policy, community stakeholders, and police, and aims to address key questions related to state engagement with already marginalized individuals and groups. His desire to build networks of collaboration with other TSAS affiliates dovetails his interest in producing policy-relevant research on issues related to the policing of terrorism, mass surveillance, social inclusion/exclusion, and civil rights. Dr. Silva’s work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, including Sociological Forum, Race & Class, and Sociology of Sport Journal, in several edited collections, and he has a forthcoming book under contract with Routledge entitled Islam and a New Politics of Terror: The Making of Radicalization (expected publication date in early 2019). In addition to his academic research profile, Dr. Silva has an active and attentive social media profile on Twitter. You can follow him @derekmdsilva.

Picture of Derek Silva
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