Analyzing the formal and informal roles of women in security and justice in Yemen: Reflections for future considerations


This paper is part of a larger project which examines the roles and agency of women in counterterrorism practices. This paper specifically asks: what formal and informal roles have women played in the provision of security in Yemen, and how may this inform domestic post-conflict security considerations, as well as international security concerns?

Yemen is a country dominantly viewed in terms of security, specifically the threats that emanate from its borders, such as AQAP and more recently ISIL and as such, remains a key focus for international actors. However, analysis of the formal and informal roles of women in Yemen’s security sector has been significantly lacking, though these lend to considerations of not only their inclusion in broader security practices, but how national and international actors can support and foster these. This has particular relevance for the current conflict, lending to post-conflict security considerations for all actors.

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Research Area(s):

Security and Counterterrorism

TSAS WP16-08

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