Logan Macnair

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

As a PhD student and member of Simon Fraser University’s International CyberCrime Research Centre, Logan’s current research is focused on the various ways in which terrorist and extremist organizations use the Internet to their advantage, with a particular emphasis on the media and propaganda campaigns of these organizations. This work is an extension of his Master’s thesis which explored the intricacies and effectiveness of social media campaigns. As he works towards completing his dissertation he intends to further investigate the ways in which terrorist organizations are using the Internet and social media as a means of disseminating propaganda and facilitating radicalization and recruitment, as well as looking deeper into the nature and themes of this propaganda, the potential role it plays in the radicalization process, and how these messages may be most effectively countered or subverted.


Linguistic and Narrative Trends Among Islamic State Videos and Magazines
Published in 2018 • TSAS WP 2018-08
Logan Macnair

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