Preliminary Research Findings from TSAS-sponsored projects


In 2012 TSAS issued our first Call for Proposals for new research projects. The applications we received were reviewed by a committee that included academic researchers and government officials across several departments. TSAS funded 10 of the  applications and researchers commenced work on their projects a year ago (in April 2013). Given the broad vision of TSAS (Terrorism, Security, and Society) and the range of our partnerships in the Canadian government, we selected projects dealing with many different issues, and utilizing a variety of methods. In this workshop, researchers associated with the new projects presented their findings.

Below is a list of the researchers who presented. Download their PowerPoint or PDF presentations (where available) in Events Downloads section.

  • Sue-Ming Yang • Deterrent Effects of Legal Sanctions on Eco-Terrorist Attacks
  • James O Ellis III (PI: Richard Parent) • Right-Wing Extremism in Canada
  • Samuel Tanner • The Process of Radicalization: Right Wing Skinheads in Quebec
  • Antione Bilodeau • Between Here and There: The Political Attitudes of New Immigrants
  • James Fergusson and Kawser Ahmed • Perceptions of Muslim Faith and Ethno-cultural Community-Based Organizations in Countering Domestic Terrorism in Manitoba
  • Steph Dawson (PI: Garth Davies), A Framework for Estimating the Number of Extremists in Canada
  • Herbert H. Tsang and Andrew J. Park • A Systematic Approach to Develop a Computational Framework for Counter-terrorism and Public Safety
  • Veronica Kitchen • The Effectiveness & Effects of Canada’s Integrated National Security
  • Deborah Birkett (PI: Scott Flower) • (Mis)Understanding Muslim Converts in Canada: A critical discussion about the hype surrounding Muslim converts as an emerging ‘security threat’ based on a pilot study of converts in Ontario
  • Jeremy Littlewood • The future(s) of terrorism and Canadian national security
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