The 2019 Studentship Competition - Round 2


The 2019 Studentship Call for TSAS Summer Academy is CLOSED

2019 Studentship Funds have been allocated. 

Junior Research Affiliate Studentships

Call for Proposals: Junior Affiliate Studentships 2019-2020

In this round we have up to $18 000 available to support Junior Affiliates (MA, MPA, MA, PhD, Post Doc) to attend the TSAS Summer Academy (July 8-12 2019, University of Waterloo).

The student identified in the application must be a TSAS Junior Research Affiliate (see below for application process).

  • The junior affiliate must be in good standing with TSAS, having submitted an annual report and with no outstanding deliverables due.
  • The junior affiliate must be considered a graduate student for the full duration of the award.
  • It is TSAS’s practice to consider only one application from any of our junior research affiliates during any given competition. Preference will be given to those junior affiliates who have not previously been studentship recipients.

 Application Process for Junior Affiliate Status

Application Process is available through the link above. To be eligible for applying to this Call you need to apply to be a Junior Academic Affiliate. Complete your affiliate application online. 

Funding Details
TSAS Studentships will provide a maximum of $1250 ($900 Registration fee (includes lunches, breaks, and 1 evening meal), $350 on campus accommodation July 7-12, if necessary) and a maximum of $600 economy flight/train/bus and other travel costs.

Obligations and Deliverables

Recipients of funding for the Summer Academy must act as a rapporteur for one session of the Summer Academy, and submit a report no later than 2 weeks following the end of the Summer Academy (26 July 2019).


The adjudication committee is comprised of Senior Affiliates of TSAS and representatives from our partners.

Proposals for attendance at the Summer Academy, applicants will be evaluated based on the relevance of their research interests to the TSAS mandate, and on the strength of the Studentship application and letter of support.


To be considered for funding, eligible applicants must application (see link below) which includes:

  • One signed, electronic copy of the application form. Proposals must be written in plain language and must clearly speak to both the scholarly merit and to the usefulness to policy and/or practice of the research proposed.
  • An abbreviated (two-page) CV that focuses on your publications or experience as it relates to terrorism, security, or society. CVs longer than 2 pages will not be considered.
  • A signed, one-page letter of support from their academic supervisor (outlining why the Applicant should be considered for attendance at the TSAS Summer Academy).

Please Remember

  • Obtain ALL necessary signatures
  • Review and adhere to the Studentship Guidelines for award holders
  • Include BRIEF CV for the student as an attachment
  • Include letter of support from the academic supervisor
  • Email proposal to

Where to send your proposal
All submissions should be sent electronically to:
Elizabeth Ford, Project Manager, TSAS

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