The Next Call for Studentship Proposals - Deadline January 10, 2019

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The 2019 Studentship Call is currently closed.

Deadline: January 10, 2019

***Watch for second round of competitive Studentship awards to support participation in 2019 TSAS Summer Academy.

Junior Research Affiliate Studentships

Call for Proposals: Junior Affiliate Studentships 2019-2020

In this round we have up to $50 000 available to support Junior Affiliates (graduate students) to:

  • complete field research or other activities related to their Master’s thesis /MRP or PhD dissertation research,
  • to attend the TSAS Summer Academy (July 8-12 2019, University of Waterloo),
  • or both.

Projects should target the areas of:

  1. Radicalization and terrorism
  2. Security responses, or
  3. The societal contexts in which issues of radicalism and securitization operate (including the impact of security responses on communities)

For applicants requesting support for research projects, priority will be given to proposals that address the stated research needs of TSAS’s partner organizations. Applicants are invited to review the following documents to become better informed of these needs:

Canada’s Counter Terrorism Strategy

 Federal Government Partner Priorities

Only students with faculty supervisors who are either a Co-Investigator or Principal Investigator on TSAS’s SSHRC Partnership Grant will be entitled to apply for these funds.


 Faculty Supervisor must be listed on TSAS SSHRC-Partnership Grant as Co-Investigator. For full list of Co-Investigators please see guidelines. If your supervisor is not listed as a co-investigator, please contact a co-investigator at your institution to ask if they will sponsor your application. If there is no co-investigator at your institution, please contact the TSAS Acting Director Veronica Kitchen at for assistance in being put in touch with an appropriate sponsor.

  • The student identified in the application must be a TSAS Junior Research Affiliate (see below for application process).
  • The junior affiliate must be in good standing with TSAS, having submitted an annual report and with no outstanding deliverables due.
  • The junior affiliate must be considered a graduate student for the full duration of the award.
  • The Applicant* (i.e. faculty supervisor or sponsor) agrees to administer the award on behalf of the student, and complete his/her home institution's internal approval process prior to applying. *The funds are held in a research account in the name of the faculty supervisor or sponsor.
  • It is TSAS’s practice to consider only one application from any of our junior research affiliates during any given competition. Preference will be given to those junior affiliates who have not previously been studentship recipients.

 Application Process for Junior Affiliate Status

To apply to become an affiliate, TSAS requires an email to the Project Manager, Elizabeth Ford, with the affiliation form, a recent CV, and a brief (1/2 page) statement of how one’s research agenda connects with TSAS’s focal areas and mandate.

To be eligible for applying to this Call, the deadline for submitting a request for affiliation is December 15, 2018.

Funding Details
TSAS Studentships are valued at up to $3,000 for Master’s students, and up to $5,000 to Ph.D. students. These funds may be used to fund research, to attend the Summer Academy, or both. The period of funding for Studentships will be normally be April 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. All funds must be exhausted by December 31, 2019. For PhD students with scheduled field research in the first half of 2020, an extension may be possible. Please refer to our Guidelines for more information.

Transfer of funds and TSAS spending rules are explained in our funding .

Obligations and Deliverables

  1. Each recipient of research funding must generate a TSAS Research Brief, highlighting the top-level conclusions and policy or practical implications of your research. For MA students, this is usually submitted by 30 September 2019, shortly following the completion of your thesis. For PhD students, this is usually submitted no later than 15 December 2019, following the completion of your field research.
  2. On the completion of their research, students are encouraged, but not required, to submit a TSAS Research Report that goes into more depth about your research project.
  3. All funded researchers working with NGOs must comply with the principles set forth in our Charter of Community Research Principles.
  4. Recipients of funding for the Summer Academy must act as a rapporteur for one session of the Summer Academy, and submit a report no later than 2 weeks following the end of the Summer Academy (26 July 2019).


The adjudication committee is comprised of Senior Affiliates of TSAS and representatives from our government partners.

Proposals for funding will be evaluated based on scholarly merit and potential importance of their project for policy and/or practice. TSAS will only provide funds for projects that are judged positively on both aspects.

Proposals for attendance at the Summer Academy (i.e. in cases where no research is proposed), applicants will be evaluated based on the relevance of their research interests to the TSAS mandate, and on the strength of the Studentship application and letter of support.


Studentship Application Form

To be considered for funding, eligible applicants must submit:

  • One signed, electronic copy of the application form. Proposals must be written in plain language and must clearly speak to both the scholarly merit and to the usefulness to policy and/or practice of the research proposed.
  • An abbreviated (two-page) CV that focuses on your publications or experience as it relates to terrorism, security, or society. CVs longer than 2 pages will not be considered.
  • A signed, one-page letter of support from their academic supervisor (confirming that the proposed budget is reasonable and related to the Applicant’s thesis research or area of interest, and outlining why the Applicant should be considered for funding and/or attendance at the TSAS Summer Academy).
  • If your academic supervisor is not a co-investigator of the TSAS grant, a signed letter from your application sponsor (who is a co-investigator) indicating their willingness to hold funds on your behalf, administer the grant, and liase with the student and their supervisor to ensure satisfactory completion of all obligations and deliverables.
  • Applicants who wish to demonstrate the utility of their projects for policy and who have already been in contact with one of our government partners may submit an additional letter of support from a relevant government department.

All submissions should be sent by 11:59pm, Eastern time, 10 January 2019 to:

Elizabeth Ford,
Project Manager, TSAS

Please Remember

  • Obtain ALL necessary signatures
  • Review and adhere to the Studentship Guidelines for award holders
  • Include BRIEF CV for the student as an attachment
  • Include letter of support from the academic supervisor
  • Email proposal to

Where to send your proposal
All submissions should be sent electronically by September 18th, 2017 to:
Elizabeth Ford, Project Manager, TSAS