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July 2015

Guidelines for Holding TSAS Junior Affiliate Studentships

1. Eligibility

1.1 The junior affiliate must be in good standing with TSAS, having submitted an annual report and with no outstanding working papers.

1.2 The Applicant* (i.e. faculty member) agrees to administer the award on behalf of the student, and complete his/her home institution’s internal approval process prior to submitting an application.

1.3 Studentship recipients must be an MA or Ph.D. student at a University, in Canada or elsewhere and be recognized as a junior research affiliate of TSAS.

1.4 The Applicant and the junior affiliate must abide by the terms and conditions of these guidelines.

1.5 Our website outlines a process by which individuals may become affiliated with TSAS.

1.6 The junior affiliate must be considered a graduate student for the full duration of the award.

* Note: Funds will be awarded to the junior affiliate’s academic supervisor in the form of a research account.

2. General Principles and Conditions of the TSAS adjudication process

2.1 It is TSAS’s practice to consider only one application for any of our junior research affiliates during any given competition.

2.2 Consideration will be given to all applicants, but funding will be provided based on the scholarly merit of individual applications, the relevance of the student’s research interests to the TSAS mandate, and on the strength of the letter of support.

2.3 Proposals should be clear, justify the use of all monies requested, and provide all information requested on the application form.

2.4 Funds may be used only for the project and purposes described in the application, subject to any special conditions given in the Letter of Award.

2.5 Students must also abide by the policies and regulations operative in their home university.

2.6 Funds may not be used to provide salary or honoraria for Studentship recipients.

2.7 Funds will be transferred to academic supervisors of Studentship recipients in the form of a research account, and the recipient’s university will be responsible to submit a financial report for audit purposes by April 30, 2016.

2.8 The term of the Studentship is 5 months (November 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016), and no extensions will be granted. All funds must be exhausted by the end date. No extensions will be granted.

3. Termination

3.1 An award may be terminated if conditions are not observed. Unspent funds must be returned to TSAS if the award is terminated.

4. Travel

4.1 Travel must follow the guidelines in UBC Policy #83, or parallel policies of other universities.

5. Reports

5.1 For Ph.D. studentship holders: a Working Paper and Policy Briefing Note must be submitted by April 30, 2016. For MA studentship holders: a 3-5 page document that summarizes their thesis research must be submitted by April 30, 2016.

5.2 Financial reports must be submitted to the UBC Project Manager by April 30, 2016.