2020 - Call for Proposals

2020 'Contract Research on Organized Violence'

Deadline for applications is 4:00pm, ET, January 8, 2021.

Interested parties are asked to email for formal application form.

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Current Call for Proposals

TSAS is part of a new partnership between Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) for “Research Collaboration on Organized Violent Threats”. Under this partnership, DRDC’s Centre for Security Science (CSS) and MSB will engage in efforts intended to enhance understanding of the underlying mechanisms leading to violence, and ultimately contribute to strengthening societal resilience against organized violent threats. Canadian partners participating in the project include Public Safety Canada, Statistics Canada, and Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS). On the Swedish side, research will be conducted through the Swedish Institute for Futures Studies (IF).

The collaboration will address requirements for data resources and knowledge sharing to develop a better understanding of organized violence of different types. Of particular interest are possible links between violent extremism, hate crime, and organized crime. Both Sweden and Canada have experienced an increase in violent crimes in recent years, particularly related to gang violence. Collaboration between distinct violent groups which have previously acted on their own is another worrisome trend. Indeed, recent studies suggest that the nexus between organized crime and terror networks is a new reality that many democratic societies have to be prepared to address.

As part of this partnership, TSAS is seeking proposals to complete contracted research that will enhance and leverage the empirical evidence base for organized violence, and enhance Canadian and Swedish research networks. We are interested in proposals on the following topics:

Comparative and complementary (Swedish-Canadian) studies which seek to investigate why individuals seek out violence-enabling environments; how such environments arise; how they are maintained; and how they interact with each other.
Studies exploring the nexus between crime and extremism,
Investigations of the evolution of violent and violence-promoting organizations,
Identification of factors that are important for entry, exit, temporary and permanent interruption of involvement in violent environments, and
Identification mechanisms that lead individuals to engage in organized violence and that enable the rise of violent groups.

Proposals should leverage empirical data from Canada and / or Sweden and be policy relevant. Projects will be evaluated by an adjudication committee consisting of senior researchers from TSAS and representatives from Canadian policy partners.

Funding Parameters
Project duration should be 12-24 months
Total budget may be up to $100 000 Canadian
No funding is available for conference travel beyond meeting(s) of researchers.
Budget should include one mandatory trip to Sweden for principal investigators.
Researchers may be paid at hourly rates per tri-council guidelines.
Please forward questions about this call for proposals to Elizabeth Ford at

Application Form
The proposals are to be submitted on a specially modified version of the TSAS Small Research grant application form.
****To request a copy of the modified version application form that is to be used for this specific call email Elizabeth Ford at
Please submit proposals to Elizabeth Ford at using the form attached by 8 January 2021.