2019 - Call for Proposals

Major Research Grants

(Up to $20,000/year for 2 years) &


($5000-PhD & $3000-MA)

Deadline for both applications is 11:59pm, January 10, 2019.

New Researchers we ask that you apply for TSAS affiliation by Dec 15, 2018. 

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Current Call for Proposals

2019 'Major Research Grants' & 'Studentships'


This is the sixth Call for Proposals (CFP) for the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society (TSAS). In this round we have funds available to fund Senior Affiliates for their research projects, and to fund Junior Affiliates for their Master’s or PhD field work or other expenses, or to attend our Summer Academy.

Projects should target the areas of:

  1. Radicalization and terrorism
  2. Security responses, or
  3. The societal context in which issues of radicalism and securitization operate (including the impact of securitization on communities)

Priority will be given to proposals that address the stated research needs of TSAS’s partner organizations. Applicants are invited to review the following documents to become better informed of these needs:

Canada’s Counter Terrorism Strategy

Federal Government Partner Priorities

Applicants who wish to demonstrate the utility of their projects for policy are invited to submit, along with their application, a letter of support from a relevant government department.

The principal investigator (and any co-investigators) identified in the application must hold a faculty position (inside or outside Canada) and must be affiliated with TSAS. Research Assistants may include graduate students, while Partners are generally governmental or non-governmental institutions.

Further Information for Applications: Major Research Grants

Application form for Major Research Grants

Further Information for Applicants: Studentships

Application form for Studentship Grants

To become an affiliate, please complete the relevant online application form, a recent CV, and a brief (1/2 page) statement of how one’s research agenda has connected with, or will connect with, TSAS.

To be eligible for applying to this Call, the deadline for submitting a request for affiliation is December 15, 2018.