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The TSAS Network is designed to foster communication and collaboration between academic researchers working on these topics in Canada, communication and collaboration between academic researchers and policy officials in these areas, and build links with researchers working on these topics in other countries. We are creating the institutional foundation for the development of research that is both academically meritorious, policy relevant,  and distinctly Canadian.

We invite all who are conducting research, studying, teaching or working in applied policy making in any of the three thematic areas of terrorism, security and society to apply to become a TSAS affiliate. If your application meets the requirements set out in the  affiliation form, the TSAS Executive Committee will confirm your affiliation.

Benefits of TSAS Affiliation include:

TSAS Profile

Developing a personal profile in the TSAS Affiliate database

Research Funding

Apply for research funding in TSAS Calls for Proposals or Graduate Studentships


Receiving regular updates on relevant activities, events, and opportunities


Participating in TSAS Workshops and the Summer Academy


Junior Affiliate

  • Masters, PhD and Post-Doctoral students (Masters students listed by name and affiliation only)

Senior Researcher

  • Academics eligible to receive research grants through the college or university where they work

Non-Academic Affiliate

  • Researchers interested in terrorism, security and society but not pursuing academic credentials


TSAS requires all affiliates to submit a list of their research activities by April 30th each year. Please note that this year, due the COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved this deadline to June 15, 2020.  This is a requirement of the the SSHRC Partnership Grant supporting TSAS. We will also periodically compile reports of the activities of our Affiliates and may post this information  on our website.

Below are the annual report forms for Junior and Senior Research Affiliates. Typically, senior affiliated researchers simply send us a copy of the report they submit to their own university. However, if your university does not follow this practice, then please use the form below.

If you have any questions with regard to details on any of the forms, contact us.

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