Right-wing Extremism in Canada


What factors may promote violent right-wing extremism in Canada, and how is it connected to similar movements in the US and Europe? What impacts might this violence have on radicalization within other communities, and what strategies can security and intelligence organizations employ to detect or reduce violent right-wing extremism?

Canada’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy notes that violence from domestic terrorist groups including white supremacists persists, but little contemporary research exists on Canadian right-wing extremism. US government reports have noted a national resurgence in right-wing extremism over the last decade, which has adopted concerns over immigration as a call to action. It is plausible that right-wing extremist violence could be inspired by or imported into Canada from right-wing extremists abroad. There is an urgent need for a broad-based assessment of this threat to promote evidence-based policy and improve security operations.

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TSAS WP14-03

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