Canadian network for research on terrorism, security and society

Canadian network for research on terrorism, security and society

our three primary objectives


To foster communication and collaboration between academic researchers in multiple disciplines


To facilitate the interaction and collaboration of researchers and policy officials


To help cultivate a new and larger generation of scholars interested in these fields of study

most recent Publications


Counterterrorism Resilience: Expert Roundtables on Canadian National Security and Countering Violent Extremism

Summary: Conducted expert roundtable discussions in fall 2022 focused on the intersecting themes of 1) extremism, violence and ideology: the complexity and evolution of Ideologically…


The Parallel Threat: Political Framing and Right-Wing Extremism in Canada and the United States

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, drastic measures were taken to secure the US homeland, as well as to curtail what was understood…


The Spy Who Briefed Me: The benefits and risks of cooperation between the Canadian Intelligence and national security community and its non-traditional partners

In recent years, scholarship on the Canadian national security and intelligence community has focused on its structure and functions, (Carvin, Juneau and Forcese 2021; Juneau,…

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