TSAS Summer Academy 2019 – July 8-11, Balsillie School of International Affairs

The Summer Academy is designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of radicalization, terrorism, security and how all of these are situated in the context of a rapidly changing Canadian society. Beyond supporting research and dissemination, TSAS aims to cultivate a new generation of well-informed individuals across several kinds of institutions. The Summer Academy is a…...

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TSAS Workshop attendance is restricted to TSAS Affiliates only.

Picture of Group at TSAS Summer Academy
Picture of TSAS Event
Picture of TSAS Event

TSAS offers a number of activities that draw together participants across the full career range and provide opportunities for learning and valuable exposure to mentors and potential employers. These include:

  • Thematically-focused workshops which also include junior researchers.
  • A summer policy-research academy that brings students and early-career academics and junior public servants into direct contact with senior scholars and policymakers. Instructors include a mix of junior and senior academics and high-level policy analysts, as well as international specialists.
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TSAS Summer Academy

Picture of a female lecturer at TSAS seminar