Weeda Mehran

Junior Affiliate (Postdoc)

Currently, Weeda Mehran is a postdoctoral fellow at the Global Studies Institute, Georgia State University, and VOX-Pol fellow at Dublin City University. His research takes a multidisciplinary approach to studying propaganda campaign across a number of jihadi extremist groups such as the Taliban, Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Tahrik-e Taliban of Pakistan and Lashkar-e Taiba. In 2015, he completed his PhD degree at the Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge. Subsequently, he has focused on studies of terrorism and media analysis while working at Georgia State, Dublin City, McGill, and Hamburg universities. He has conducted comparative analysis of media products by violent extremist groups such as Daesh and Al Qaeda, the Afghan Taliban, Tahrik-e Taliban-e Pakistan and Lashkar-e Tayeba. Furthermore, he is collaborating with other colleagues to conduct comparative analysis of farright propaganda with that of the jihadi extremists.



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