Tiana Gaudette

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

Tiana is a Master’s student conducting terrorism research in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Prior to her Master’s program, she received a Criminal and Social Justice diploma from Okanagan College and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Her research interests include quantitative methods, anti-terrorism legislation, and right-wing extremism. To present her research, she has participated in several criminology-themed academic conferences.

After completing her Master’s degree, Tiana plans on continuing her education at the PhD level. One important task she will continue to work toward is developing connections with other researchers in the field of terrorism studies. In the coming years, she wishes to expand our knowledge of how statistical methods can provide insight into the variety of terror-related issues we face today, while publishing her research in terrorism and criminology journals. As a professor, she hopes to one day teach the same terrorism courses that piqued her interest many years ago.

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