Tayler Schmidt

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

For the past four years, Tayler Schmidt has dedicated the majority of her research efforts towards studying violent extremism and radicalization by acquiring a minor in Global Terrorism Studies from the University of Maryland and occupying more than four research assistantship positions at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START). She also developed a pilot countering violent extremism program through a Department of Homeland Security-funded competition in which she wrote a video game assisting players in recognizing the subtle signs of radicalization and how to appropriately react to them and utilize information strategically.
Tayler is currently pursuing my Master’s at Simon Fraser University, and she intends to examine the decline of terrorist organizations beginning with leftist organizations in the Civil Rights Era with the desire to better equip governments in how to understand as well as influence the decline of notorious organizations without causing violent schisms and perpetuating the cycle of extremism in certain societies.

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