Suat Cubukcu

Senior Research Affiliate

Suat Cubukcu is actively engaged in research related to terrorism and methodological issues in quantitative terrorism research. In collaboration with colleagues from different fields on multidisciplinary projects, he has been able to integrate his field and research interest with the disciplines of communication and computer science to bring solutions to complex problems. He investigated the validity and reliability of the open-source (OS) accounts on terrorism by examining more than 10,000 official terrorism records from Turkey and comparing them with open-source accounts. In that study he examined Turkey’s counter-terrorism strategies and how it led to destruction in urban civilian infrastructure was published in the ‘Journal of Policing, Intelligence, and Counter-Terrorism’. Another study, the holy month of Ramadan and its impact on terrorism, is under revision and re submission process with the ‘Journal of Perspectives on Terrorism’. He has recently submitted a paper on al-Shabaab and Kenyan governments’ counter-terrorism policies. His next research project will be on open source data collection and how to use artificial intelligence to minimize the dark figure of terrorism.

Cucukcu also serves as a part-time Senior Researcher (in addition to my teaching responsibilities), he has been analyzing global and regional trends and patterns of global terrorism incidents and creating innovative visualization of the data for the State Department’s Country Reports on Terrorism, annual documents the State Department submits to Congress as required for compliance with Title 22 of the United States Code, Section 2656f.

In a joint effort with his colleagues from George Mason, he sought and recently received a $50,000 grant from NATO to organize a three-day Advanced Research Workshop on ISIS’s territorial defeat and its regional and global dynamics and to publish the workshop proceedings. Another collaborative effort, this time with his colleagues from DSG, he recently submitted a grant proposal to the National Institute of Justice to study social media and domestic terrorism through the use of artificial intelligence.

Follow him on Twitter @Suat_Cubukcu

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