Michael Wolfowicz

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Michael Wolfowicz is a full-time researcher, teacher, and PhD student in the Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a research fellow at the Federman Center for Cyber-Security. He recently finished serving as a project manager and researcher for a Horizon 2020 project (PROTON).

His research primarily focuses on radicalization and terrorism. He has published a number of articles and book chapters. In addition he recently published the first meta-analysis of risk and protective factors for radicalization in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology’s special issue on terrorism, which stemmed from his work on project PROTON. As a result of this work, the Campbell Collaboration has generously provided him with additional funding to continue the work under its 5RD group.

In November 2019 he attended a special session of the Campbell Collaboration’s 5RD group to present his work on risk and protective factors, as well as a second meta-analysis which the group has generously provided funding for and which pertains to media-related factors and radicalization. At this meeting he was introduced to representatives of Public Safety Canada who took great interest in this work. Based on their recommendations he is also considering a short post-doc in his native Canada at some time in the near future.

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