Kris Millett

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Kris Millett is writing a PhD in Sociology at Concordia University in Montreal. His dissertation fieldwork investigates societal responses to the issue of radicalization in the Canadian context. This fieldwork centers on the ethnographic study of organizations involved in counter-radicalization with a focus on primary prevention initiatives including participant observation of training workshops and public outreach efforts, semistructured interviews with relevant personnel, and analysis of publicly-available documents and training materials.
This research aims to gain insight into the evolving sociological meaning and function of this discourse (i.e. the rise of radicalization as a perceived social problem in the West and growing influence as a concept for preventing terrorism and violent extremism) through studying how the discourse is interpreted and employed in day-to-day practice. This includes examining how the problem of radicalization-leading-to-violence is conveyed to public and practitioner audiences, and how actors reflect on the meaning and significance of their work. The project also aims to yield practical recommendations on how counter-radicalization efforts might be conducted in ways that minimize documented negative impacts (such as Muslim youth stigmatization and the suppression of non-mainstream political perspectives).

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