Jacob Fortier

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

Jacob Fortier is a master’s student in the Department of Political Science at the University of Montreal under the supervision of Lee J. M. Seymour. His current researches focus on the impact of radical flanks within resistance movements and the relation between non-state actor’s terrorism and state-sponsored violence. His dissertation project is funded by SSHRC, FRQSC and MINDS. Fortier previously attended Laval University (distinction) and the University of Mannheim in Germany.
His future career ambitions include working in the field of security and political violence, either with the government of Canada or within an academic institution. He has worked on many research projects within different chairs and thus developed specific methodological skills, which allow him to consider pursuing doctoral studies for the next few years.
Fortier is particularly interested in the networking opportunities within TSAS, and he also believes that an affiliation provides a fantastic showcase for emerging research on security issues.

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