Fatima Ahmed

Junior Affiliate (Masters)

Fatima Ahmed plans to focus on action-oriented, field research, with special interest in exploration of different cultures’ understanding of peace and how these traditions can be used as leverage in peace building activities. To this end, she has completed an almost year-long field studies project in Vanautu. Her M.Ed research thesis intends to look at the commonalities between how oral Inuit and oral Islamic traditions teach for peace.

Fatima has been studying and working in the field of peace building and conflict resolution since 2006. For instance, in 2010, she co-organized a spoken-word event with the goal to address radicalization in Canadian Muslim youth at the University of Waterloo campus. In 2012, a video she was featured in was used to create a resource curriculum pack for educators wants to tackle the issue of radicalization, xenophobia and Islamophobia in their classes.

Participating in the TSAS Network as a Junior Affiliate will give me access to networking and learning opportunities, and enable me to inform my research and career objective with recent research on the topic of radicalization and violent extremism.

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