Emmanouela Mylonaki

Senior Research Affiliate

Dr. Emmanouela Mylonaki is a Reader in Law at London South Bank University.

Dr. Mylonaki’s research is concerned with the contemporary international and national counter-terrorism legal measures and the relationship between international terrorism and other forms of criminal activities such as transnational organised crime. In essence, she defines herself as an international legal scholar and an international lawyer with a strong interest in the international criminalization of terrorism. At the centre of her work is a concern with the contemporary forms of the phenomenon of terrorism and the ways in which such phenomenon is dealt by the international community through the adoption of International legal frameworks and modules. Her concern also rests with the manner in which terrorism is distinct from other forms of common criminality. For example in a research study that she has conducted on the relationship between international terrorism and transnational organised criminal activity, she concluded on the distinctive substantive features of terrorism and transnational organised crime and suggested the adoption of distinctive legal ways to deal with both types of criminality. Inevitably, Dr. Mylonaki’s work asks questions such as: how do we conceptualize and define the phenomenon of terrorism, what should be the appropriate legal responses to the contemporary security threats of international terrorism particularly since 9/11 and the appearance of the new more lethal face of terrorism? Is the unilateral external model of the use of force against terrorism a new counter-terrorism model? Most importantly what role does international criminal law play in the fight against terrorism?

Picture of Emmanouela Mylonaki
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