David Yuzva Clement

Senior Research Affiliate

David is a qualified education specialist, policy advisor, and researcher with a demonstrated experience in managing and evaluating programs and projects in the field of diversity education, the prevention of extremism and inter-religious dialogue. He has worked in various countries such as Turkey, Kenya, Germany, the Palestinian Territories and Israel on topics such as religious pluralism, civic engagement and education. Parallel to working at the Department of Child, Youth and Family Affairs, City of Bonn, Germany, for five years, he completed his Ph.D. at the University of Erfurt, Germany. In his empirical research he reconstructed theoretical and practical knowledge of social workers in the context of working with radicalized milieus, youth and young adults.

David would like to continue his research in Canada and he is actively looking for potential opportunities to collaborate. Also, Clement is looking forward to sharing his research findings and developing prevention- and education-programs in the context of violent extremism in Canada.

Currently he is a lecturer at the International University Bad Honnef, Germany. In addition, he is a lecturer, author and workshop facilitator for the Federal Agency of Civic Education, Federal Ministry of Interior, Germany. Clement develops, manages and leads workshops and educational material on religious pluralism, prevention, diversity and civic education, targeting educators, social workers and policy makers. He is fluent in English and German.

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