Clémentine Simon

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Clémentine Simon is a PhD candidate in the École du Criminologie at the Université de Montréal.

Her research focuses on understanding the reasons of the affiliation to the white supremacist movement as well as the role that the attraction to a legitimatized violence might play in the attachment between individuals and the group. To answer these questions, she uses a qualitative methodology allowing her to collect a wide variety of data concerning the individual paths in the group, the role and forms of violence, the physical and theoretical training given to the members as well as the organization of such groups.

Until today, scholars, and especially criminologists, have shown very little interest in white supremacists’ radicalization. At this point, the question has almost exclusively been left to sociologists, psychologists or political experts. Nonetheless, the emergence of the internet has given hate propaganda an absolute revival. This might contribute to explaining why white supremacists movements have never had as many members as today.


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