Abiemwense Omoregie

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Abiemwense Omoregie is a doctoral student in Secondary Education at University of Alberta.
As a Nigerian, who is impacted, Omoregie feels the need to contribute to the fight against youth radicalization. Currently, Nigeria ranks third in the 2019 Global Terrorism Index and the Institute for Economics and Peace reports that “since its rise in 2009, Boko Haram has been responsible for 35,000 combat-related deaths across the Lake Chad Basin region of West Africa”.

As a student member with a teaching background, Omoregie intends to invite a critical relational pedagogical approach as the basis for creating dialogic spaces in the classroom that are committed to “inviting” “new levels of consciousness and ways of being”. This approach will help him address extremism’s critical problem in Nigeria and far-right extremism in North America.

Twitter @OmoregieAbiemw1/

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