The Future of Right-Wing Terrorism in Canada


What is the range of likely scenarios for future right-wing terrorism in Canada, based on connections to radical movements in the US and Europe? Which factors or actions may mitigate the most likely scenar­ios? How might the future of Canadian right-wing terrorism be distinct from those of the US and Europe?

There has been a resurgence of right-wing terrorism in both the US and Europe, and Can­ada may see an upsurge in this threat in the near future. By comparing Canadian right-wing extremists with those abroad, policymakers and public officials can gauge the relative security threat posed by these groups and manage the unique challenges they create.

This research pro­vides a general forecast of future violence based on recent changes within associated movements and networks, based in part on incident data established within the Canadian Incident Database (CIDB)—

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TSAS WP16-12

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