Tufyal Choudhury

Senior Research Affiliate

Tufyal Choudhury is a Lecturer in the Durham Law School.

He is a leading research on Muslim communities in Europe, with over 30 publication in this field. His research covers the issues of discrimination, integration and counter terrorism policy. He has a track record of high quality research on the impact of counter terrorism measures on Muslim communities in Britain that informs policy makers, practitioners and wider public debate. For example, his research in the impact of the use of UK counter terrorism stop and search powers at airports has been cited in the annual reports of UK’s Independent Reviewer of Counter-terrorism legislations which prompted a government review of the use of this power. His research has been cited by the UK government as informing its Prevent Policy. His future research includes examining the experiences of Muslim civil society organisations in influencing and shaping counterterrorism law and policy in Europe and North America.   He has joined TSAS to develop links with researchers and policy makers interested in the societal impact of counterterrorism laws and policies and develop a research agenda that compares European Muslim experiences with those of Muslims in Canada.

Picture of Tufyal Choudhury
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