Candyce Kelshall

Junior Affiliate (PhD)

Candyce Kelshall is the President of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS) Vancouver, which promotes and encourages the study and practice of intelligence and national security, and the Founder and Director of the Canadian Centre for Identity-Based Conflict (CCIBC), which conducts research and delivers training courses on the proliferation of extremism by Violent Transnational Social Movements to security practitioners and professionals.

Through CASIS Vancouver and the CCIBC, Candyce Kelshall has developed and led research teams, founded events such as the monthly CASIS roundtables and the annual CASIS West Coast Security Conference, published intelligence and national security textbooks, and launched the Journal of Intelligence, Conflict, and Warfare where she serves as Editor-in-Chief. Her research on VTSMs has informed the development of models and decision-making tools that address the growth and spread of identity-based conflict.

Kelshall has over 30 years’ experience in diplomacy, law enforcement and military professional training and ten years as a military and police advisor in the UK. She has previously served as a diplomat, naval officer, specialist advisor and consultant in disaster response, critical incident and terrorist response, national emergency management and multi-agency joint operations architecture, as well as training design for intelligence fusion centers, special forces units and national operations centers. She has also previously worked as a police independent advisor, policing community impact assessor and police recruit officer assessor in the UK with both Metropolitan Police Service and British Transport Police.

Candyce Kelshall has taught academic, professional, undergraduate, graduate and vocational (police, law enforcement, military and intelligence) programs in over 17 countries. She has been teaching and writing academic programs for the last 14 years at the University of Buckingham UK, University of Sussex UK, Rabdan Academy UAE, the British Columbia Institute of Technology Canada and Simon Fraser University Canada.

Kelshall is currently the co-lead investigator with Dr. David Campbell on a Simon Fraser University’s Big Data Key initiative $25,000 research grant on “Predicting the Escalation to Violence using Social Media Postings of an Active Hate Group.”

Candyce Kelshall is the author of Accidental Power: How Non-State Actors Hijacked Legitimacy and Re-Shaped the International System, Introduction to Structured Analytical Techniques for
National Security Analysts: Tradecraft Coursework and Table top Exercises, and Structured Analytical Techniques for Law Enforcement: Tradecraft Coursework and Table Top Exercises. She has also written extensively for DefenceIQ (UK) and the UK Defence Academy on the changing nature of military and defence policy priorities given the emergence of identity-based, state

Her current research interests lie in Violent Transnational Social Movements and their role in Fifth Generation war, the evolving nature of contemporary conflict, extremist radicalization and community and online based social and soft violence in contemporary social conflict. The impacts of these emerging patterns of conflict profoundly impact the nature of policing and military strategic and training priorities.

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