Bàrbara Molas

Junior Affiliate (Postdoc)

Molas obtained her PhD in June 2021 (York University) with a dissertation focused on far-right ideas on Canadian multiculturalism that saw it as a means to strengthen Christian unity while ensuring systematic racism. While pursuing her PhD, Molas also became a leading expert in the far-right in the context of COVID-19, earning her Certificate in Terrorism Studies from the University of St. Andrews (Scotland); co-editing Radical Right Responses to COVID-19 (Columbia University Press, 2020); publishing numerous articles on the topic in media outlets like openDemocracy and Fair Observer; and appearing in international press and television such as the New Statesman or GloboNews as an expert on the subject. Molas has worked as a researcher of online and offline hate crime speech and extremist violence in Europe and North America, and consulted for the Quebec Centre for the Prevention of Radicalisation Leading to Violence, the UK Home Office, Facebook’s counterterrorism unit, the European Centre for the Development of Democracy, the London Metropolitan Police (United Kingdom), and the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism. Molas currently works as a postdoctoral researcher under TSAS funding with Dr David Hofmann looking at how hate speech is related to offline violence during COVID-19.

Research Area(s):