TSAS Summer Academy (Online with Synchronous & Asynchronous elements)


The TSAS Summer Academy brings students, recently appointed public officials and law enforcement personnel from across the world into direct contact with senior scholars, policy analysts and counter-terrorism specialists

The Summer Academy is supported by funds from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Beyond supporting research and dissemination TSAS aims to cultivate a new generation of well informed individuals across several kinds of institutions. The Summer Academy is a principal part of this plan and brings together graduate students, civil servants, law enforcement officers, and members of nongovernmental organizations from across the world to participate in a highly focused learning experience. The Summer Academy is designed to introduce a comprehensive understanding of preventing and encountering violent extremism and how all of these are situated in the context of a rapidly changing society.

June 14: Course materials and video lectures go live for you to read & watch at your own pace.

June 21-25: Live (virtual) discussions with experts, research presentation from student participants, and mentoring and networking activities.

Course materials & recordings of most live sessions will be available for viewing for one week after the academy ends, for those who cannot participate live.

A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who complete a set number of activities.

Introduction to P/CVE

1. Director’s Message (Veronica Kitchen; video only)
2. The Research Network space (brief introductory videos from TSAS,
CREST, AVERT, ICCT, Hedayah, OPV, START, Resolvenet) (TBC)
3. Intro to P/CVE: the push and pull factors
a. Islamist-inspired / Jihadi violent extremism (Amarnath Amarasingam, Queen’s University)
b. Right-wing violent extremism (Barbara Perry, UOIT)
c. Incel violence (Renske van de Veer?) TBC
4. Psychology of violent extremism Jocelyn Belanger, NYU Abu Dhabi
5. Race & Gender in violent extremism (Amal Abu-Bakare,visiting fellow at the University of South Wales’
International Centre for Policing and Security.)

P/CVE Responses

1. Counter-narratives (Hedayah – Sara Zeiger)
2. Big data / social media (Micah Clark – Moonshot)
3. CVE Effectiveness, Monitoring & Evaluation. (Hedayah- Farangiz Atamuradova)
4. Government Responses (Canada Centre) TBC
5. Police Responses (Toroto Police Service – Brian Smith)
6. Clinical Interventions & Destigmatizing interventions – (Ghayda Hassan – CPN-Prev)
7. Disengagement and Re-integration – (Shannon Foley Martinez)


Applicants for the Academy should be either: graduate students who have at least one year of work already completed by the time the workshop begins; law enforcement officers; representatives of relevant NGOS; or individuals who have recently taken up a position in government that addresses issues of countering violent extremism, broadly defined. To demonstrate the relevance of the Summer Academy for their work we require participants to submit an application outlining their position and interest in the Academy. Spaces are limited and application is competitive.

June 14-19 (Asynchronous learning) June 21-25 (Synchronous Sessions)


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